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"School Parity" is Democrat Code for Charter School Control

Why do Democrats Want to Control Private and Charter Schools?

Central Florida Democrat Senator Linda Stewart has proposed legislation, in an attempted power grab to control private and charter schools in Florida. Read the bill (Here)

The bills proposals include: 

  • requiring private schools to provide specified students with a certain amount of time for recess;   
  •  requiring private school students to participate in the statewide assessment program; 
  • requiring private schools to establish curricula that comply with specified standards;
  • providing for injunctive relief under certain circumstances;
  • authorizing attorney fees and costs
  • deleting an exception relating to  charter schools’ compliance with a specified provision;
  • amending s. 1008.34, F.S.; requiring private schools to be graded according to specified rules;
  • requiring private schools to assess at least 95 percent of eligible students;
  • requiring the department to annually develop, in collaboration with private schools, a school report card that private schools would provide to parents;


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Wait, Does Florida have a private school problem?

No, Florida has a public school problem

The legislature already has control over public schools in Florida. How is that going? 

According to U.S. News, Florida ranks 27th out of 50 in Pre-K - 12th grade education. See for yourself (Here).

Florida has developed a charter school system that has provided new free school options to parents. Subjecting these schools to the same curriculum and control as the public school systems will hurt student. 

Charter schools are public schools of choice. They are very popular—and among the fastest growing school choice options in Florida. Charter schools are largely free to innovate, and often provide more effective programs and choice to diverse groups of students. The Miami Herald reported that Charter students, especially minorities, performed better on state tests than the more regulated public schools. See the article (Here)

Private schools are out performing public schools. Maybe that is the problem for Democrats.

Democrats against charter schools should could consider talking with the teachers at a North Florida charter school who use their school’s financial flexibility to hire a teachers assistant for every classroom. Or the reading coach in Central Florida who capitalizes on her ability to set her charter school’s curriculum. Or the educators in South Florida who felt a charter school conversion would allow them to better serve students with special needs, but were stymied in their attempt to do so. 

Higher Teacher Pay? 

Charter and Private Schools already have higher pay and can determine what to pay their teachers without Tallahassee bureaucrats getting involved. 

Innovative vocational Programs? 

Charter schools are leading the way. 


Are Charter Schools Better than Public Schools?

Check out this great video

Room for Improvement

Josh Adams understands charter schools have a rocky history in Florida. With less control, schools may be more prone to corruption. He is open to bipartisan oversight to punish and close under performing schools, and to reward over-performing schools as well as financial review of charter schools. Ultimately, the goal is to give parents, who are best equipped to judge what is best for their children, the best options for a quality education. When a private school fails, it goes out of business, when a public school fails, it gets more money. Let's change the model.